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Racquet Sports

Our two fully lighted Plexi Cushioned post-tension hard tennis courts are the same superior surface as the US and Australian Open. This surface not only provides support to your joints, it delivers traction along with the ideal cushioning, turn, and release characteristics that will enhance your tennis play.

Your tennis experience is enriched with amenities such as chilled bottled water, complimentary use of the ball machine and loaner racquets, access to our Director of Tennis and programs that are developed with all skill levels in mind. Our programs provide you with choices that adapt to your schedule and pace, while keeping you fit and your game enjoyable.



This paddle sport is for all ages and skill levels, and is easily one of America’s fastest growing sports. It’s why we not only offer pickleball lessons but have designated one of our three tennis courts to hold blended lines for this incredible game that combines tennis, badminton and ping-pong on a short court.

Social Play
If you want to improve your tennis game in a friendly setting, then this is a great choice. Our range of social tennis enables players of all skillsets to quickly improve their game with the support of our Tennis Director that is available to offer friendly technical and tactical advice.

Ladies’ Tennis Clinics
These clinics are designed for all levels of tennis and are ran by our Tennis Director, who provides advice on how to refine or improve your tennis skills with fun drills and match play. They are a great way to stay fit and active.

CardioPlus Tennis Classes
This class combines energy fitness activities with the best features of tennis and cardiovascular exercise, to deliver a calorie burning workout.

Team Round Robin Championship
This tournament runs from February through May and is a great way to expand your tennis skills as you engage in friendly competition.

Junior Development Program
This great junior tennis player opportunity offers flexible start times each day after school.

Special Olympics Tennis Fun Day
Our Tennis Fun Day is held annually and benefits the Arizona Special Olympics. This labor of love is coordinated and lead by our very own Tennis Director, Mark Pachtner and boasts more than 220+ participants and has raised over $220K since inception.

Tennis Mixers
Tennis can serve as a great social outing, after all, it’s about people having the same interest and love for the sport. This is why we plan at least two mixers in a season, because we know it’s a great way to get together with friends who have been playing tennis for years or for those who are just beginning.

Member/Associate Tournament

A special event that pairs staff members with Members in a friendly round robin match.