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Fitness Services


Please contact Via Gibson,
Director of Health and Wellness
so she can assess your fitness needs
to ensure that you are matched with the proper fitness professional.

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Pilates is an exercise discipline created by Joseph Pilates in the 1920’s. The method is an exercise system improving flexibility and strength for the whole body. It consists of a series of controlled movements engaging body and mind. It is performed on specifically designed exercise apparatuses in our private Pilates studio.

Pilates Studio Training:
30 minutes private   $70
45 minutes private   $80
60 minutes private   $95
2 Members training  $60 per person
3 Members training  $50 per person
4 Members training  $40 per person

Golf Fitness Evaluation:
This assessment includes a 12-point evaluation of your body mechanics in relation to your golf swing.  You are scored in comparison to PGA Professionals and given a computer print-out of your results and workout recommendations, including your very own Golf Fitness Handicap.  Your TPI Certified Fitness Professional will guide you through an individualized program based on the TPI recommendations from your test results.  This is highly recommended for golfers who are interested in enhancing their game with an individualized workout plan that can be done at home or in the gym.  You will have online access to your workout program as well as golf related articles on the TPI website. 
Assessment includes two trainer sessions.  Cost $225

Private Stretching Sessions:
Stretching sessions are offered to Members who are interested in increasing their flexibility, improving sports performance, and/or reducing risk of injury.  Golfers may gain a more fluid, full golf swing and improve their overall performance with regular stretching.  Session length will be determined by the needs of each individual.

30 minutes  $70
45 minutes  $80
60 minutes  $95

Wellness Workshops:
We believe living healthy includes supporting not just your physical health but your emotional, mental and spiritual health as well.  Our wellness series called "Healthy and Wise" is designed to help you connect to all areas of your life. 

Postural Assessments: 
Our postural assessments will show you how well your muscles and joints are working together, and if there are any muscle imbalances which need to be corrected.

Why should I perform a postural assessment?  The main reason for carrying out a postural assessment is to identify muscle imbalances so that your fitness professional can design the most effective exercises and postures for you.

This test establishes a baseline that can be re-evaluated later and saves time when assessing the progress of your current wellness program.
Cost: $50



Personal Training:
Our personal trainers are skilled in working with all fitness levels to help you in achieving your health goals. Do you need some support and guidance while working out in the gym? Maybe you are an avid gym rat and just need a change in your workout regime. Whatever your needs are, we are here to help.     

Click Here to see a complete biography of our Personal Trainers/Pilates Instructors and Exercise Corrective Specialist.

Personal Training:
30 minutes - $70
45 minutes - $80
60 minutes - $95

2 Members training - $60 per person

Team/Group Personal Training:
3 Members  $50 per person
4 Members  $40 per person

Corrective Exercise & ELDOA:
Are you in chronic pain? Avoiding surgery for your joint issues?  Want to have more mobility or flexibility?  Our Corrective Exercise Specialists use a series of ELDOA and Soma therapy techniques in this rehab based modality.  You will be taught specific tools to change and normalize your body's biomechanics to attain maximum function and health. 
60 minutes  $110

Balance and Core Training:
Statistics have proven that most adults experience a reduced ability to balance well as we age.  Physical conditions such as visual impairment, injury to the lower extremities, and even diabetes can affect balance skills.  At Troon, we offer a training protocol specific to the needs of our Members whose main goal is to improve their balance.  Because our movement patterns are directly affected by the aging process, we use multi-dimensional exercises to help students learn to develop improved posture, reduce the risk of injury from falling, and enhanced athletic performance.

30 minutes  $70
45 minutes  $80
60 minutes  $95

TRX Team Training:
TRX training was designed by a Navy Seal to improve strength, balance, flexibility, core and body awareness.  This functional workout is done in small groups of 4-6 students.  It is a multidimensional whole body routine using TRX straps and your own body weight.  This is offered on our group class schedule or if you would like to build a team of your own.

Metabolic Profile:
The science of "sedentary behavior" is an emerging field of research in health and fitness.  A mostly sedentary day will put us at a higher risk for diseases such as type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and some types of cancer.  With this profile, a fitness professional will help develop a timeline base on your current daily activity levels.  This brings great awareness as to how much movement we are getting every day.  Next your trainer will create a plan designed to help you lower your risk for the above mentioned disease  Currently, this type of profile is only offered by licensed dieticians and a select number of fitness professionals who have studied this specialty in the field of wellness and longevity.
Cost is $95.